Game Developer Services

Flashman is an entertainment services firm helping game developers grow their business through the process of planning, developing, marketing, and launching their games. We drive our clients’ growth in the early stages through business development efforts with third party publishers. When they are ready to take the next step of becoming a publisher of their own titles, Flashman is there to help them get their games to market.
Early Stage Growth

We bring our knowledge, experience and relationships with publishers and distribution partners, intellectual property, production, and corporate strategy together for our clients. We offer a one stop shop of value-added services to enable the strategic positioning, business development and creative deal-making they need to grow their business.

Developer as Publisher

Flashman helps our clients become publishers of their own intellectual property. We help pick the right game platforms, assist with design and monetization strategies, acquire brands where needed, manage first party relationships and distribution, as well as develop and execute product marketing/PR plans to help drive buzz, brand awareness & and downloads.


Game Publishing Services for Brand Holders

Flashman Publishing Services for brand holders brings our core services together, creating a turn-key solution to enable brand holders to become game publishers without the need for costly overhead. We help our brand clients strategically plan, design, produce, market and launch their branded games to consumers, removing all of the unknowns of the business of making great games.