About Flashman

Flashman is an entertainment services firm that specializes in building value and long term growth for our clients. Our team is made up of passionate game industry veterans that take pride in delivering our turnkey suite of services with a personal and collaborative approach. We bring decades of expertise in investment, corporate strategy, game design, monetization strategy, brand management, PR/marketing, business development, finance, and product development to our clients and brand partners, having delivered 100+ games to market on console, mobile & digital download platforms. Find out more on how Flashman can help you by visiting us at www.flashmanstudios.com and emailing us at sales@flashmanstudios.com.

Our Team

Brad Young Founder/CEO

Brad is the founder of the Flashman, an entertainment services firm that provides innovative services to the video game industry and intellectual property owners.

Flashman Studios was founded in 2004 to provide entertainment services to video game developers, brand holders and game publishers.

Brad brings a wealth of financial, business development, licensing and marketing experience to the group and has worked hard with dozens of clients over the last 10+ years to bring well over 100 titl...


Tony Pereira Director of Business Development

Anthony Pereira joins Flashman with more than 20 years of industry experience under his belt. Tony has knowledge of both the production and retail aspects of the entertainment software industry. Tony joined Flashman from Capcom, a top videogame publisher, where he handled business development, developer relations and product acquisition for the company.

Tony was involved in the acquisition and evaluation of dozens of titles while at Capcom, some of which include: Okami (Wii); Dark Void (360, PS3 & PC); R...


Tim Lewis Director of Brand Services

Tim is a veteran of the technology industry with over 20 years of domestic and international experience in sales & business development, spanning games, multimedia, graphics, mobile, and enterprise software. Tim began his career in tech with Corel Corporation, where he spent five years as Regional Director for Southeast Europe, establishing and growing the company's graphics & multimedia business in Italy, Greece, and Turkey. He subsequently transferred to North America and held a variety of leadership roles at ...


Corey Fong Director of Marketing

Corey Fong is an 15 year, Interactive Entertainment, Brand Management veteran. Over the course of his career Corey has been responsible for launching numerous game titles on an array of gaming platforms with some of the largest and smallest game publishers in the business such as: Ubisoft, 2K Games, and RedOctane where he launched the pop culture phenomenon, Guitar Hero.

As a career Brand Manager within the videogame industry, Corey has been responsible for all aspects of marketing: leading cross functio...


Erik Harshman Executive Producer

Erik has been in the games industry since 1993 when he joined Virgin Interactive as a Producer. From there he has worked at companies such as Hasbro Interactive/Atari as a Producer, Vivendi Universal (Design), Namco (Senior Producer), Kayak/Blaze (Senior Producer), Infospace (Senior Producer), Handcranked Games (Cheyenne Mountain, Studio Head), and most recently with Pinger (Executive Producer) .

A lot of his experience in recent years has been focused to mobile games and especially F2P games with expert...


Diamond Fischer Director of Social Media Marketing

Diamond is a marketing and content specialist with a love for all things quirky and odd. With a strong background in community management, social media strategy, journalism, PR, and advertising, she has worked with companies like Microsoft, Ubisoft, and G.M., as well as small start-ups, performers, and venues.