• Contract Negotiation
    • Business Development
    • Corporate Strategy

Client: Capybara Games

Platforms: Wii, DS, PlayStation Portable

Flashman met the founders of Capybara games when they had just formed their company and were pitching their own original IP games on mobile, but had not shipped a game as a company to date. We recognized the team had great talent and enthusiasm, but needed help on the business side to get their studio off the ground. We positioned Capybara with Disney to develop a mobile (J2ME and BREW) game for the blockbuster movie, Cars.


Capybara had just formed a company and did not have office space when we started pitching them with Disney. The main challenges we faced with them on this project were:

  • Newly formed company with no track record.
  • Faced an uphill battle to win the project from Disney to work on a high profile brand.
  • They had to build their company simultaneously while executing on the Cars project.


The major objectives we set on this project for Capybara at the time were:

  • Launch their company and get the team working together under one roof.
  • Successfully build and establish their company with a sustained and dependable cash flow.
  • Position the company to work with a large publisher on a well known brand in order to establish Capybara Games as a new creative force on mobile.

Services Performed

Business Development, Corporate Strategy & Contract Negotiation

Between Flashman's trusted relationship with Disney and the raw talent of Capybara, we won the project with Disney Interactive. Flashman worked together with Capybara to put a winning pitch together, emphasizing Capybara's creative game design and unique art style. Flashman negotiated the contract and walked Capybara through their first, of many, agreements, while helping them evaluate the risks to them as a new studio signing this agreement with a large publisher on a major brand. Flashman helped Capybara throughout the entire project, ensuring that milestones were delivered on time, smoothing out any production issues, but most importantly helping them on corporate strategy to successfully set up their company and operations.


Working with Capybara on their first game project was an excellent example of how we work best with a talented studio. Flashman delivered:

  • Corporate strategy advice.
  • Business development acumen.
  • Production assistance.
  • Financial/cash flow management.

The game was critically well received, with multiple industry awards and review scores in the 80s and 90s. The success of this project launched Capybara as a premier mobile game developer, and led to a long term relationship with Disney.