Piranha 3D

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Client: The Weinstein Company

Platforms: iOs

Flashman works with The Weinstein Company (TWC) to handle all of their interactive entertainment needs in the game space. TWC needed a mobile game to launch simultaneous to their Piranha 3DD game, releasing summer of 2012.


The main challenge facing The Weinstein Company was:

  • The Weinstein Company was relatively inexperienced with the interactive space.
  • Needed to ensure the launch of the mobile game would be done in parallel with the movie's release.
  • Create a compelling marketing and consumer acquisition strategy around the game's launch.


  • Complete production and ready the title for launch to coincide with the movie's launch.
  • Ensure marketing program was set up to take advantage of any cross-marketing opportunities movie's release provided, and execute the mobile consumer acquisition strategy at the movie's launch to leverage brand awareness in order to drive downloads of the mobile game.

Services Performed

Product Development

With a limited budget and timeframe, Flashman:

  • Worked directly with a developer that had an existing engine that fit perfectly with the movie's subject matter, and already had success with their own F2P mobile games and had a successful track record of making F2P games.
  • Worked directly with the developer to help polish the monetization strategy in the game, prior to the game's launch.

Marketing / PR

Our marketing strategy involved coordinating and leveraging multiple aspects including:

  • Cross-marketing with The Weinstein Company's existing marketing channels.
  • Cross-marketing with The Weinstein Company's social media channels.
  • Cross-marketing The Weinstein Company's planned marketing activities around the movie launch.
  • A separate game focused PR campaign created and executed by Flashman.
  • Creating and negotiating placement for game marketing assets created by Flashman (Game Launch Trailer, screenshots, review code).
  • Secured a Free App A Day (FAAD) consumer acquisition campaign that coincided with the movie launch.
  • Cross-Marketing mobile push through our development partners existing consumer base.


Flashman's brand managed services proved to be an invaluable tool for The Weinstein Company.

  • The Game to the top 10 on the App Store.
  • The Weinstein Company added millions of consumers who were exposed to their movie brand through the mobile game.
  • The Weinstein Company & Flashman successfully parntered. The Weinstein Company brought their brand and the movie, while Flashman acted as executive producer on the game, getting the game to market on time and on budget with a full PR/Marketing and consumer acquisition strategy.