Reel Deal

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    • Business Development
    • Corporate Strategy

Client: Phantom EFX

Platforms: Mobile

Our client Phantom EFX is the most successful packaged retail casual casino game developer and publisher in the game's industry. We signed up with Phantom EFX to help them leverage their existing success in packaged retail by helping them expand into emerging platforms. Flashman successfully helped our client extend their casino brands to the Apple iOS platform at launch and investigate online and console platforms.


Phantom EFX had deep knowledge of the PC market and PC game development, but were completely new to the console & mobile space

  • Phantom needed help with game development on emerging mobile platforms.
  • Phantom EFX desired to repurpose their brand and content to emerging platforms.


  • Help Phantom EFX follow their existing consumers and expand their new market onto new emerging game platforms.
  • Aid Phantom EFX in finding new markets for their games and brand on additional game platforms.
  • Build on Phantom EFX's strengths and knowledge of their casino game market, while bolstering their weaknesses on emerging mobile platforms.

Services Performed

Business Development, Corporate Strategy & Contract Negotiation

Flashman’s first task was to analyze the market based on our years of experience working across all game platforms. We did a competitive analysis of the casual casino game landscape and provided our client with information about market size, competition, development cost and consumer demographics for each game platform. We quickly zeroed in on two platforms: downloadable console and mobile.

At the time, Xbox 360 had a successful Texas Hold'eEm game, but PS3 had no casino game offerings. We helped Phantom EFX to scope out what a virtual world casino might look like on PS3, putting together a business case that included projected sales, development budgets and marketing.

While looking closely at console, a new and extremely compelling opportunity came to Flashman’s attention through our close relationship with Apple. Apple was secretly getting ready to launch the first iPhone and needed game content at launch for their brand new App Store. We positioned the Reel Deal casino games as the ideal casual games to hit the mass market consumer that Apple was targeting with the iPhone. The challenge we had to overcome was that Apple needed Phantom EFX's games extremely fast to hit the launch date, literally in a matter of weeks.

Phantom EFX had no mobile game development expertise and compounding the situation the iPhone was a brand new mobile platform. There was no time for Phantom’s development studio to come up to speed fast enough in order to meet Apple's deadlines. To overcome this challenge, We paired Phantom EFX with another Flashman client that had tremendous technical skill to port the games from PC to mobile. Phantom provided the code base to our client, Apple provided the SDK for the iPhone and Flashman helped manage the entire game development process, including the submission to Apple and marketing.


The project was a success from all perspectives.

  • Phantom had four of their Reel Deel casino games on the iPhone at launch.
  • Phantom successfully extended their brand onto mobile and generated significant revenue and profit as a result.
  • Phantom was eventually acquired by WMS Gaming, due in part to the success of their Reel Deal franchise on mobile.