Riptide GP

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Client: Vector Unit

Platforms: Mobile

Our client Vector Unit had a great deal of experience in console gaming, having just finished developing Hydro Thunder for Xbox 360 with Microsoft. We signed up with Vector Unit to help them transition to mobile gaming and become an independent publisher of their own titles.


Although Vector Unit was a top quality developer on console, we faced many challenges with them including:

  • Little to no experience on mobile game platforms.
  • Desired to control their own destiny by self-publishing their own titles.
  • They had limited capital to fund their own games and bring them to market.


Our objectives were two fold:

  • Help Vector Unit transition their skills and experience from console to mobile
  • Help them to minimize their risk and maximize their potential.

Services Performed

Corporate Strategy

Moving to mobile was a risky proposition. To minimize exposure to that risk, the key decisions that were made were:

  • Keep the team small and nimble, allowing them to pivot with the ever changing mobile market.
  • Focus to the core strengths of the company, water-based racing games.
  • By catering to high end devices and customers looking for a console experience on their high end mobile devices, Vector Unit would leverage their console experience and lay the foundation of their company by migrating their racing engine to mobile.


Vector Unit worked up a game design for a jet ski racing game called "Riptide GP". However, they did not have enough capital to fund the entire production cycle. To overcome that hurdle, Flashman:

  • Financed a portion of the game.
  • Brought in a third party partner, Nvidia┬«. Timing was perfect to bring Nvidia into the picture, since they were about to launch their new high performance mobile chipsets to the market, Tegra, and were looking for high quality games that would showcase their chipset's abilities.

Marketing / PR

To help Vector Unit achieve their goal to self-publish their own games, Flashman filled in the missing marketing/pr expertise that typically comes with a game publisher. Flashman developed a PR and marketing plan, and partnered with the Nvidia marketing team to ensure there was a large amount of buzz created through previews and reviews.

Business Development

Flashman also worked on business development for Riptide, positioning the game for multiple pre-load/OEM deals with carriers and handset manufacturers, while setting up distribution in Asia.


Riptide GP was a big success for Vector Unit, resulting in:

  • The game shipping millions of units on Tegra, Android and iOS.
  • The ongoing marketing pushed Riptide GP to the #1 spot on the Apple App Store for Free Apps on iPad.
  • The success of the game helped launch the company as an independent publisher and set them up for future success with multiple new racing titles including: Shinerunner and Beach Buggy Blitz.

The partnership with Vector Unit is a great example where Flashman was able to bring multiple levels of service to the table to help our client maximize their potential.