Smurfs Grabber

    • Contract Negotiation
    • Business Development
    • Corporate Strategy

Client: Leviathan Games

Platforms: iOs

Our client Leviathan developed the companion game "Smurfs' Grabber" to the hugely successful Smurf Village game on mobile. For Leviathan this project was an opportunity for them to showcase their mobile development skills, with a special focus on free to play (F2P).


Capcom had a hugely popular game on mobile with Smurf Village and needed to work with a partner on the companion app that they felt confident would be able to deliver. Leviathan had worked on some of their own smaller F2P mobile games, however:

  • They had not yet worked on a third party brand as big as the Smurfs to date.
  • The game not only had to be fun and also had to be designed to drive consumer acquisition, consumer retention and monetization.


  • Position Leviathan Games as a trusted third party developer who could care take the Smurfs brand with the licensor and Capcom.
  • Assure Capcom that Leviathan Games could build on the success of the existing Smurf Village game.
  • Leviathan also needed to deliver on driving ROI for this F2P game.

Services Performed

Business Development & Contract Negotiation

  • We worked with Leviathan to develop a pitch to Capcom for the game and successfully won the bid from Capcom.
  • Negotiated the contract for Leviathan Games with Capcom.


The Smurfs' Grabber game was hugely successful on mobile.
  • Vaulted into the top 10 on the Apple App Store.
  • Consumer acquisition was driven largely by the cross-marketing from the existing Smurfs game to the new game.
  • Leviathan developed a winning game formula with producers at Capcom that ensured people not only played the game, but spent money while doing so.
  • Leviathan studied the consumer data very closely after launch to understand how players were moving through the game and how they were monetizing, making a number of game design tweaks and content updates to maximize consumer retention and monetization.
  • The success of the game has helped to bolster Leviathan as an experienced mobile game developer with a particular emphasis on F2P.