Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

    • Contract Negotiation
    • Business Development
    • Game Development
    • Corporate Strategy

Client: Red Fly Studios

Platforms: Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation Portable

Flashman positioned Red Fly to work on one of the biggest brands on the planet, Star Wars. Lucas Arts had multiple platforms in development, but needed to add two additional skus for launch. Flashman positioned Red Fly Studios for the project based on their capabilities with character-based action adventure games, top quality art and animation chops on the Wii. We continued to build Red Fly's story as a premier Wii developer, starting with their own original IP game, Mushroom Men, then delivering on Ghostbusters, and now working with a top publisher and brand in the industry.


The main challenges facing Red Fly Studios was to deliver a top quality game on 2 platforms for a simultaneous launch with Lucas Arts' other skus that were already in development.


Flashman's objectives on this project were clear:

  • Continue to build on Red Fly's reputation as a top notch action adventure developer on Wii and DS.
  • Get Red Fly working with another large publisher on a world famous brand to further establish them as a top tier developer.

Services Performed

Business Development

Lucas is very protective of the Star Wars brand and in order to win this project, we needed to put together a world class proposal for them. We worked with Red Fly to put the pitch together that included:

  • Solidifying cash flow and budgeting.
  • Team and staffing.
  • Concept art creation.
  • Red Fly also decided to put together a basic prototype to illustrate their vision for game controls, which was critical to the Wii in particular.

Contract Negotiation

After winning the bid, Flashman successfully negotiated the long form agreement between Red Fly and Lucas. This was a particularly time consuming process, given the brand and company involved, and the fact that this was Red Fly's first major branded project with a publisher.

Game Development & Corporate Strategy

During the project, Flashman helped Red Fly on the operational side of the business to ensure execution. Flashman would sometimes sit on production calls with the publisher and our client and helped with cash flow management and development advice where appropriate.


  • Red Fly successfully delivered the Star Wars game on both platforms, on time and on budget.
  • Red Fly's game scored 70+ Metacritic scores, higher review scores than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 skus Lucas Arts already had in development.
  • Working with Lucas and the Star Wars brand solidified Red Fly as a studio that could handle large projects, and care for well known brands.