StickWars 3

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    • Marketing & PR
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Flashman Studios

Platforms: Mobile

Flashman acquired the Stickwars® brand, one of the first Castle Defense Strategy games to have launched on the iOs platform to gain a foothold in the mobile space and help build a network of consumers for our PulsePlay mobile marketing platform. Flashman launched the 3rd title in the series on both iOs and Android mobile platforms.

Stickwars 1 & 2 had had over 12M Downloads, while Stickwars 3 was designed as a premium game and code was half complete.


The challenges Flashman faced launching Stickwars on mobile was a familiar one to any developer/publisher:

  • Redesign a premium game to fit a F2P business model.
  • Devise a marketing plan and consumer acquisition strategy that leads to success in a crowded marketplace.


  • Drive revenue to recoup investment.
  • Continue to build the brand to sustain the franchise over time.
  • Rank top 20 at launch
  • Drive as many downloads of the game as possible in order to build our PulsePlay network of consumers, a network that our clients could leverage through cross-marketing when launching their own games.

Services Performed

Game Development

Our production team took the existing premium Stickwars game design added In-app purchase components and completely redesigned gameplay mechanics and gameplay loops to effectively drive in-app purchases for a F2P title. Our team managed the entire redesign and production process, bringing the title to market on iOs and will be soon launching on the Android platform.

Marketing / PR

Our marketing plan consisted of two main pillars:

  • Traditional game PR campaign
  • Consumer acquisition strategy

Flashman’s marketing team has a combined 30 years of game marketing experience and they put this experience to good use with the launch of Stickwars 3. To promote the launch of Stickwars 3 through editorial channels we created:

  • A social media presence for the game.
  • Created trailers and screenshots.
  • Reached out to over 1,000 press contacts and negotiated game previews and reviews prior to the game's launch.
  • Negotiated, secured and coordinated a mobile marketing campaign with 3 mobile marketing channels on day one of Stickwars 3 launch including: Cross-Marketing campaign w/ another mobile app company with 10M active users, Mobile Ad and Push Notification campaign across all Flashman and client titles within our PulsePlay network reaching another 2M users, & Free App of the Day (FAAD) campaign.


  • Converted and launched a premium title to a F2P title on time and on budget.
  • Stickwars 3 met revenue generation expectation goals at launch.
  • Executed three separate mobile ad campaigns on day one of launch.
  • Drove over 1M downloads in the first week of launch.
  • Successfully added millions of consumers to our PulsePlay network.
  • Stickwars 3 reached #6 in Free Games and Top 10 for ALL FREE APPS on the App Store. (with no Apple support)
  • Secured effective PR coverage for Stickwars 3, leading up to launch.
  • Successfully launched an update 30days after initial title launch, reactivating users.
  • Continued to build the Stickwars 3 brand.