Xbox Live® Avatar & PlayStation® Network Virtual Goods

Looking to embed your brand within the lifestyle of the coveted Males A18-24 market? Let Flashman help you increase your brand engagement and brand awareness within the video game lifestyle of 40 MILLION Xbox Live® subscribers and over 30 MILLION PlayStation® Network subscribers. Flashman is one of only a few companies with the ability to create and publish avatar collections for Microsoft Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

We also offer development and publishing services for themes and virtual goods on Sony’s PlayStation®Network.

Avatars and virtual goods can create brand awareness and revenue generation opportunities for your brand.

For more information about branded avatar collections, or for brand holders looking to adapt their properties to the interactive entertainment space, CONTACT US TODAY.

What are Avatars?

  • Virtual Characters – Users create an Avatar as a representation of themselves while in Xbox Live, Win 8 PC and Win 8 Mobile, Sony PS3
  • Personalization – Users are able to dress up, personalize and accessorize their avatars in a variety of outfits they can purchase through the supplied marketplace on the Xbox or PS3
  • Virtual Goods – Avatar items can include: t-shirts; hats; helmets; shoes; props; pets; vehicles; masks; animations; etc.

Why Avatars?

  • Brand Engagement – Engage consumers by allowing them to express their passion for  your brand in an interactive way by leveraging Microsoft’s Avatar system to sell clothing  outfits and props for your brand.
  • Brand Awareness – Avatars can be launched in parallel with your brand’s marketing  event (game release, movie, book release) to create additional buzz.

Why use Flashman?

  • Process – We are experts in the entire process of creating avatar items, submitting and publishing avatar collections and themes with Microsoft
  • Trust – We deliver royalty reports quarterly along with revenue share to our partners

Sell clothing, outfits and props for your game with Microsoft's Avatar system.