Mighty Fight Federation Launches In Early Access

Business News   •   February 9, 2020

Mighty Fight Federation Blog Header

Komi Games is proud to announce that Mighty Fight Federation is launching in early-access on Steam today!

A stylish 3D arena fighting game, Mighty Fight Federation aims to bring competitive play and a mix of nostalgia and originality to the Fighting Game Community.

Mighty Fight Federation’s early-access period will begin with players able to access 11 Original Characters, each with a unique playstyle that lets you fight any way you please. These characters will be joined later in the early-access phase by none other than fan favourites ToeJam & Earl and Yooka & Laylee!

Designed for pro and casual players alike, Mighty Fight Federation can be picked up and enjoyed by anyone, thanks to its accessible input system and deep combat mechanics. The full release of Mighty Fight Federation will launch between late Q2 and early Q3 2020 on multiple platforms.

We think arena fighters have the potential to be as deep and competitive as their 2D counterparts, so with Mighty Fight we set out to make something that would evoke the classic games of the early 2000s but with an added sense of depth and complexity,” says Julian Spillane, founder of Komi Games. “As die-hard fighting fans ourselves, we’re building the game that we want to play and we can’t wait to see how the community responds!”

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