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Red Fly Studios


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Contract Negotiation
Game Development


Wii, DS
PlayStation Portable

Flashman positioned Red Fly Studios as the lead developer to work on a Ghostbusters project with Activision for a multi-platform deal (Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP), based on their success the previous year with the original IP game – Mushroom Men. We wanted to continue building on their character-based action adventure experience on the Wii platform and Ghostbusters was perfect for their capabilities.


Despite Red Fly’s abilities, there were multiple platforms to deliver that needed to launch simultaneously with the other console SKUs already in development. To minimize the risk to the studio with increased overhead, the decision was made to put several Flashman clients together that had specific platform experience, who would work together with Red Fly as the lead developer. The main challenge that Red Fly faced was to manage the external developers and ensure that they delivered a quality game on their respective platforms in concert with Red Fly.


Red Fly had previously launched an original IP game, and yet our goal was to get them working on a work for hire project with a large publisher and high profile brand.

The main goals on the Ghost Busters project were:

  • Secure the work for hire project from Activision

  • Minimize overhead risk to Red Fly Studios, while still delivering multiple SKUs for a simultaneous launch


Flashman worked very closely with Red Fly to help put the pitch together for the Ghostbusters game. Since we were taking the approach of putting several developers together for the execution, great care was needed to give comfort to Activision that Red Fly was able to manage the process and deliver the game on all platforms. The pitch was tricky given that we were putting multiple clients together under Red Fly’s lead. The pitch was successful and Flashman not only negotiated the contract between Red Fly and Activision, but also set up the contracts between Red Fly and the other two developers working on the additional platforms (Nintendo DS and Sony PSP).


  • All SKUs (Wii, DS, PlayStation Portable) delivered on time and simultaneously launched alongside the movie release

  • The lead, Wii SKU, garnered high 70’s Metacritic rating

  • Red Fly successfully positioned as a top quality developer who could work with well known brands like Ghostbusters

The partnership with Vector Unit is a great example where Flashman was able to bring multiple levels of service to the table to help our client maximize their potential.


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