Brad started Flashman Studios in 2004. He has worked with dozens of clients over the last 15+ years to bring well over 300 titles to market with creative deal-making, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Prior to joining the game industry Brad co-founded and was President/CEO of Rocketinfo Inc. He developed the corporate strategy to commercialize the company’s neural network-based “competitive intelligence” search technology. Brad successfully raised investment capital and created a compelling brand, marketing and sales strategy for the company.

A good part of Brad’s business career has been spent internationally. He handled business development, sales and marketing activities for several software companies (Milkyway Networks, Corel Corporation). Prior to the software industry, Brad handled the trade desk in Canada for the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, and handled gold bullion and foreign circulation product lines for the Royal Canadian Mint. During his time there, he generated tens of millions of dollars of business in the Asia-Pacific region through marketing and business development activities.

Brad is a hardcore gamer and is often “researching” games late at night. You can also find him on the golf course, ice hockey rink and ski slopes, as well as biking and CrossFit.


Anthony Pereira joins Flashman with more than 20 years of industry experience. Tony has knowledge of both the production and retail aspects of the entertainment software industry. Tony joined Flashman from Capcom, a top videogame publisher, where he handled business development, developer relations and product acquisition for the company.

Tony was involved in the acquisition and evaluation of dozens of titles while at Capcom, some of which include: Okami (Wii); Dark Void (360, PS3 & PC); Robin Hood (PS2, Xbox and PC); Flipnic (PS2); Culdcept (PS2); Legend of Kay (PS2); Darkwatch (PS2 & Xbox); Suzuki 2 (PS2); Corvette 2 (PS2); Ultimate Boardgame Classics (PSP); Rocketmen (XBLA & PSN); Harvey Birdman (PSP, PS2 & Wii); MotoGP 07(PS2); Talisman (XBLA, PSN & PC); Neopets (Wii and DS); Spyborgs (Wii).

Prior to Capcom, Tony was a game buyer for a major video game retail chain. His first step down in the video game industry began as an independent video game retail owner.

He enjoys reading fantasy and business books as well as spending time with his 2 young daughters, who are active in dance, and his son.


Tim is a veteran of the technology industry with over 20 years of domestic and international experience in sales & business development, spanning games, multimedia, graphics, mobile, and enterprise software. Tim began his career in tech with Corel Corporation, where he spent five years as Regional Director for Southeast Europe, establishing and growing the company’s graphics & multimedia business in Italy, Greece, and Turkey. He then transferred to North America and held a variety of leadership roles at Seagate Software, Business Objects, and SAP.

At Flashman, Tim works with brand holders and marketing agencies to help them find new ways to connect with consumers through games and interactive entertainment. A creative deal maker who merges keen business acumen with a passion for customer success, Tim believes that mobile & social games are becoming essential marketing strategies for the 21st century and he’s committed to realizing that vision on behalf of Flashman’s clients.

Tim holds a bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University and lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and three children. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, skiing, and paddling the local rivers, lakes & coastal waters in his canoe.

Sarina Quinlan Profile Picture - Flashman Studios

Sarina began her career in 2003 as a Music Journalist, PR, Marketing and Events Manager. From the music industry, she moved into digital in 2006 with IDG Global Solutions, running webcasts and developing localised online communities across Europe for companies including Hewlett Packard, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens and Nokia.

London born and raised she moved to Brisbane in 2008. Since then, Sarina has led the development of online services for the Queensland Government using user-centred design principles and implemented marketing strategies for mobile apps, SAAS products, nanotechnology and retail services.

During her career, Sarina co-hosted/organized monthly Mobile Monday Brisbane events and has held mentor positions at iLab Accelerator and River City Labs.

Sarina continues to help entrepreneurs get traction and make an impact by leading/managing their marketing strategies from her office in Otago, New Zealand. Her time is split between being outrun by a miniature pony, riding her Icelandic horse or hanging out with her pet sheep Rupert Stargazer – that she adopted from the SPCA.

Sarina is also determined to beat Brad and Tony at NHL Ice Hockey.

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